Changing ownership comes in many shapes and sizes

date: September 8, 2015

non_league_paper For those who follow the work of Supporters Direct and our member Trusts and Clubs you’ll be pretty familiar with the story of how a supporter takeover historically evolved – club is mismanaged, assets put at risk, owners depart, supporters left to salvage the club. A combination of improved regulatory powers for the FA and leagues, and the bottom up scrutiny from supporters, means thankfully these crisis cases are ge...

Who are your rivals?

date: July 9, 2015

non_league_paper There is a theme running through the clubs SD Club Development has worked this year - at every meeting or launch there always seems to be a tale from the top table or the crowd of an unlikely gesture or show of goodwill from a fierce rival. Last night (Thursday 25th June as I write this) was no exception. As a steering group laid out the final steps to achieving community ownership for Banbury United you didn’t have to ...

Supporter Ownership Week – the verdict

date: June 8, 2015

SOW Last month I wrote to tell NLP readers that we were looking ahead to our first UK wide supporter ownership week. Well, given today rounds off the week, and non-league football has been at the heart of the action, please forgive me in indulging in some of the highlights. We’ve seen some fascinating online Q&A’s including an honest and open commentary on what it’s like being a supporter director at Wrexham AFC. We...


date: June 8, 2015

scd_stills_0005_Still_08 5 years ago the term ‘crowdfunding’ would have been met with bemusement, now the arena has become, well, rather crowded.

Supporter ownership week

date: March 26, 2015

Pompey Ours Image Clubs are important. Whether the ball is round or oval they’re a place to watch; to play; to meet. They bring identity to our communities; make our towns and cities special. They have the power to restore pride to our regions. They are part of our identity. It’s why we all say ‘ours’. We feel a club belongs to us. We also all know what good clubs can do, how they can make a positive difference to people’s li...

What does a shareholding in a non-league football club get you?

date: March 26, 2015

Wrexham kit Earlier this month we saw the 4,000 joint shareholders of Wrexham Football Club get the chance to vote for the new strip for 2015/16. More than 1,200 voted for a traditional red home strip and an ‘Argentina style’ away strip. A rather ironic consultation (and indeed choice) when considering what has been going on further up the league pyramid on the other side of Wales. Whilst kit designs get people excited, the r...

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