Our work
    • We have launched two community shares schemes in England and Wales at Wrexham Football Club and Portsmouth Football Club raising more than £3 million. 


    • We are working on community shares schemes at more than 10 other clubs, at a variety of levels and across a range of sports. 


    • We can advise and assist with applications for tax incentive schemes that may be appropriate for share offers and have been successful in helping Wrexham in their application to HMRC. 


    • We have produced or contributed to a number of business plans for Clubs. 


    • We have worked with our members on various initiatives over the past 10 years where collectively over £30 million has been raised. 


    • With the help of Substance we have published guidance on raising finance. 


    • Working with BDO we have guidance for Enterprise Investment and SEED tax incentive schemes.


To find out more about our work in this area please read our case study about Portsmouth Football Club 
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