Raising finance

All sports clubs need finance, and for clubs lower down the football pyramid that usually means either searching for grants, or more likely, asking your supporters, and community for more money. Increasingly, grants are in short supply and not always available for capital projects that you need.

In some cases the method chosen to raise finance for Clubs signals the end of ‘community ownership’ for that Club and whether intended or not the Club embarks on a different journey.

Supporters may already be paying for a season ticket, as well as contributing to fundraising events and schemes so asking for more money may be too much.

SD Club Development can help your club assess its capital and revenue requirements and work through the different opportunities that exist. These may be through traditional routes, but we will also explore loan and community share issues as a way to raise capital finance.

We are experts in community shares and are currently working with the Premier League Fans Fund on projects within football to further the knowledge in an area set to become an important source of finance for many community owned initiatives in the future.

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