Club healthcheck

Building a sustainable Club that engages and meets the demands of a multitude of stakeholders is no mean feat, in particular striking the balance between the business and community purpose. We think when it comes to Sports Clubs there is a subtle but important difference it’s about Resource optimisation not profit maximization.

With our experience working with Clubs we know where a Club needs to be off the pitch to compete against its competitors on it, or grow the opportunities and impact an amateur Club can have. We can provide a tailored  healthcheck, assessment of where you are and where you need to be, assessing things like working capital requirements, debt structure and revenue generation opportunities to enable your Club to develop and grow in a financially responsible manner.

We have worked on a number of business plans for Clubs at all levels of the sporting pyramid, be that to take stock about the direction the Club is heading in, or successfully helping Clubs make their case to leagues and authorities to show they are worthy of a place in next seasons competition.

Away from the financial bottom line and following on from our Social Value Research we can provide support to your Club to measure its social impact, which provides the opportunity to improve the Clubs standing in the community and hopefully makes the case for its support as an integral part of the local fabric.

We can help build capacity of your key people, improve communication and engagement with your community, and ultimately help you create a successful sustainable club.


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