Good Governance

Good Governance is the key to ensure the overall direction, supervision and accountability of an organisation. By getting governance right at your Club, it will have many advantages including;

    • Maximising the resources and goodwill shown towards the Club from the supporters and community


    • Effectively making decisions in a timely fashion


    • Not allowing strategic decisions to be overlooked under the pressures of running a sports Club


    • Not being completely reliant on a small, closed off number of people


    • Clear roles and accountability


    • Spotting problems early before they escalate


    • The Club working together and striving for the same outcome


    • Ensuring the Club is being run in line with its aims and objectives


We have experience of helping Clubs owned by their community to set up a governance system that ensures clarity and accountability for those serving within it. This will often involve advising on the roles and responsibility of the Board who set the strategy right through to paid staff and/or volunteers who deliver it.

Getting the governance right should lead to a Club where more people are keen to volunteer and lend their support.


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