Community Ownership

Community ownership is at the heart of what we do.

SD Club Development are experts in community ownership structures which are there to primarily serve the community, rather than the individual. We think this approach is the perfect fit for sports clubs – big or small.

A community ownership model has a range of unique features that make them the ideal form for community-owned sports clubs, including:

  • Community investment: allows members to invest in the club and build up its capital in a way that’s fair to both the club and the member
  • Democratic ownership: one-member-one-vote at AGMs, ensuring everyone has fair say in electing directors, setting the budgets and decisions about the long-term interests of the club
  • Asset protection: legal provision that prevents the club being sold for private gain and  removes speculative financial interest
  • Community objectives: protected and stated in the articles or rules of the Club
  • Limited Liability: collective ownership of assets and liabilities, protecting the Club, its members and Directors

We will help you think through the pros and cons of incorporation, and compare the advantages of different legal forms that best deliver your objectives. We have a range of models of available which can be tailored to your Club, which include FCA approved Community Benefit Society rules (Community Co-op), and Community Interest Companies limited by share and guarantee.

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