Our work


  • We have advised Clubs on legal and governance structures with a view to protecting assets
  • We have tailored Company articles and mutual constitutions to include protections such as an asset lock or golden share
  • We have advised Clubs and Supporters Groups on different ways to raise finance including community shares and ‘developer led’ opportunities to maximise a site for the benefit of the Club
  • We have produced a research paper with Substance analysing how different football clubs assets are protected called Grounds for Benefit: Protecting Community Benefit in Football Stadia
  • We were a consultee to the Department of Communities and Local Government on the Localism Act
  • We have produced a paper in partnership with Locality called ‘Community Right to Bid’, tailored to¬†opportunities¬†for supporter communities
  • We have advised several sports organisations on how to designate and protect their sports stadia as an asset of community value


To find out more about our work in this area please see our case study at Enfield Town FC

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