Asset purchase & protection

The management of the assets of a sports club can be the route to success or the route to closure.

Drawing on our work with Clubs and our research ‘Ground for benefit: protecting community benefit in football stadia’ we can advise clubs on ways to protect and manage assets, including opportunities that exist within the new Localism Act. By removing the option of your Clubs assets being sold for private gain you also remove speculative financial interest, allowing your clubs community to concentrate on building for the long term success of the Club.

SD Club Development can help you develop your facility so that is fit for purpose and provides opportunities to grow income, advising on capital finance options and explore partners who can help sweat your asset.

With the new community rights derived from the Localism Act, there are a range of potential opportunities for communities to take greater control of the assets and services that effect them. SDCD can guide you through the complicated process and can help secure funding to purchase, develop or protect sporting facilities that hold the key to your Clubs future success.

Finally with the help of our property partner Wrenbridge we can explore opportunities you may have to develop and make better use of assets that your Club owns.

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