With more than 10 years’ of providing development support to clubs and their communities, qualified advisor’s in Social Enterprise Support, and a network of specialists to compliment our experience we are uniquely placed to help your Club, be it amateur, semi-professional or professional.

All of our consultants have advised, worked for or volunteered for Clubs right from professional Clubs turning over 10′s of millions to small amateur Clubs covering pitch fees and coaching – and everything in between.

Thanks to this experience and the willingness of our members to work together we have built up a bank of knowledge and research which can be applied to you, a taste of which can be found in the ‘Expertise’ section of the website.

Much of our work leads from the initial decision for a Club to become community owned; whether that be a choice by the owners, formalising an unincorporated community structure or a wake up call to the community caused by an insolvency event.

As you will see from our Fees we can provide a flexible service to suit your Club, and thanks to our partners and team of professional supporters who like what we do, we can offer unmatched experience with better than market rates.

SD Club Development can’t guarantee success on the pitch, but we can show you an alternative sustainable route to succeed off it.

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