SD Membership

SD Club Development is part of Supporters Direct, a Community Benefit Society owned by our members.

At last count we have more than 180 member organisations.

Our members are made up of either sports clubs that are fully or majority owned by their community; or Supporters Trusts, democratic organisations committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at a club, and in doing so strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

Clubs that we work with as part of SD Club Development that are fully or majority owned by their community will have the opportunity to become members of Supporters Direct, and join the Community Club Network, although there is no obligation to join.

The membership fee is set by the members and at present is £100 p/a.

In becoming a member your Club will get a range of benefits, although bigger pieces of work will be offered as part of SD Club Development at reduced member rates;

    • A helpline of support from Supporters Direct staff
    • Access to a tailored Membership Management and communications system designed for sports clubs
    • Access to legal support managed by DWF
    • Access to an online information hub with best practice guidance, how-to guides, ideas from Clubs
    • Opportunity to attend regionally-based and/or training seminars, including the Community Club Network
    • Monthly Supporters Direct news e-bulletin and copies of all Supporters Direct publications
    • Eligibility to nominate candidates and vote in Supporters Direct Elections, and attend, propose, speak and vote at Supporters Direct’s AGM and influence the direction of Supporters Direct.


In addition Supporters Direct will influence policy and campaign on your behalf to promote and encourage:

      • Community ownership of Clubs
      • Spectator sports clubs that protect and enhance their social value
      • Better regulation to stop insolvency events at Clubs
      • Supporter representation and regular constructive dialogue between supporters and the Club they support


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