AFC Wimbledon

The rise of AFC Wimbledon has been heart-warming for football and has provided a model that many supporters have turned to, so that the destiny of their Club can be forever in their hands. The Club continues to grow and famously returned to the Football League in 2011 less than 10 years after reforming.

The success off the pitch has put pressures on the Club to grow off it and in particular have the infrastructure to support a Club playing in the professional leagues.

To address concerns about ground grading and the supporters desire to find a ground back in Wimbledon the Board and the CEO embarked on a piece of work with SDCD to look at finance options and to oversee a consultation period of the supporters and the community. This led to a consultation in the summer of 2012 which saw more than 300 supporters actively contributing through attending open meetings, or making direct contact through traditional communication channels to have their say.

The outcome was a better understanding of the immediate challenges faced by the Club in remaining or relocating and a suggested way forward (particularly in terms of raising capital finance), which was shaped by the membership. With a roadmap provided to the Board, when the opportunity is right they now have a clear direction of what they need to do and a supporter community that have been consulted and are engaged in working towards their goal.

Club Supporter Engagement


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