Social Value of Clubs

The Social and Community Value of Football

In 2008 Supporters Direct commissioned the social research specialists Substance to conduct a research project about the social and community value of football. The purpose was to understand better how clubs interact with and provide value to their communities.

The wider social value of football clubs beyond their community departments has often been discussed but there had been little evidence to back it up. The research was intended to enable clubs to provide evidence by the adoption of a tailored methodology to back this position up.

The specific aims of the research were to:

  • Investigate ways in which we might measure or account for the social and community ‘value’ of football clubs
  • Identify evidence of the added value alternative community ownership structures might bring
  • Outline how the community roles of football clubs relate to wider regulatory issues.

As well as making the case for the social value of football, the research has allowed us to offer a service to measure the social value of your club, shifting the emphasis away from just reporting financially, so that Clubs can continue to grow in their communities.

The Social Value of Football 2010



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