Community Right to Bid

The Community Rights are a set of powers which give communities more control over what happens in their neighbourhood and to important local amenities of value to them. Communities can decide what is built in their neighbourhood and how the area should develop. The new Rights are contained within the Localism Act (2011), which devolves power from government to communities, local authorities and individuals.

One of the most important types of assets in any community is its land and buildings. Some of these places will be of particular value to local people such as sporting facilities including football stadia, and it is highly likely that they will hold iconic status as well as community enterprise potential. As a result, the Community Right to Bid may be one of the new ways that Clubs, communities and supporter’s groups choose to secure the long term future of these treasured assets.

This guide produced with Locality concentrates on the Community Right to Bid, and how it can be used to the advantage of groups wanting to purchase and protect sporting facilities.

Community Right to Bid: The Implications for Supporters’ Trusts (PDF)

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