What makes a good club?


What makes a good club?

Is it a history of winning; the trophies, the performances and memories? The players; the good, the bad and the legendary? Is it the upsets? The cup runs, the unlikely away win, or is it the atmosphere as you walk into the clubhouse or take your place on the terraces? Maybe for some it’s simply the pies and the beer…

Well in truth it’s probably all of those and a heck of a lot more.

At SDCD we have had the pleasure of working with a number of non-league clubs over the years, from high flyers in the Conference to new starters at the bottom of the pile. This has given us a privileged and fortunate insight into the wonderful world of non-league football and what makes it tick.

Our philosophy starts from the straightforward position that you won’t have anything unless the club is run sustainably, so in a rather peculiar way our support and advice to clubs relates to everything surrounding the piece of rectangular grass (natural or synthetic), rather than what happens on it.

From there, well it’s about encouraging unity and good decision making amongst passionate people who often have varying opinions, ideas and backgrounds. Oh and did I mention decisions might need to be made after you’ve lost 4-0 at home and the Manager has just described the Board as dinosaurs. Easy?

Well actually it is easier than you think. It’s dull… It’s important… It’s (drum roll please) the ’governing document’ (whether that’s your articles or rules). A good governing document sets the framework for what the club is there for and how certain decisions will be made. It should provide comfort. It should provide direction and help. It should be a document that changes as circumstances change (and with consultation with those affected)

It’s a vital tool to keep people together when important decisions need to be made.

If you want help with yours and are looking at your own club structure we’d be happy to see how we can help.

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