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Clubs are important. Whether the ball is round or oval they’re a place to watch; to play; to meet. They bring identity to our communities; make our towns and cities special. They have the power to restore pride to our regions. They are part of our identity. It’s why we all say ‘ours’. We feel a club belongs to us.

We also all know what good clubs can do, how they can make a positive difference to people’s lives, and sometimes how they can just make people feel better about the world.

Well for some supporters, and in some communities’, people can say they actually, physically, literally, own their club, just as much as the next person. Now whilst we acknowledge this isn’t always possible and for some not desirable, we think that these clubs deserve a spot in the limelight to tell their story. To that end from the 11th to the 18th April, Supporters Direct will be celebrating the first UK wide Supporter Ownership week.

We’d love you to join us; whether that is by taking in a game at one of the supporter owned clubs, attending an event or online Q&A, or purchasing a ‘Director for the Day’ experience .

We want to raise money so that we can continue to create, build and promote supporter owned clubs, because we are getting rather stretched! At the time of writing non-league football supporters at Banbury United, Bath City, Torquay United, Wythenshawe Amateurs, Chelmsford City, Dulwich Hamlet, Dorchester Town, Worcester City (plus a few more we can’t name) are all at various stages of joining the 22 supporter owned non-league football clubs in the English pyramid.

Much of that interest stems from those 22 clubs who have inspired them. To find out more about the clubs, the people behind them as well as to help fund the next wave please head to


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