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Perhaps it’s no surprise that the AGM comprises the standard approach to reviewing the year of a football club, and at the heart of that AGM will be a set of accounts detailing the financial performance. From club to club that process in itself can be a totally different experience. Some of that is down to size, and statutory requirement but some of that is down to the willingness of directors to explain and encourage shareholders and supporters to understand what it costs to run a club.

Other people’s review of the year will simply compromise of looking at the league table, or the trophy cabinet. At best use the home attendance as a yardstick that the club is doing something right. Tempting as it might be to stop here, you can go further and it can make the difference to your club’s development.

What is often missing from that AGM is not an audit on a clubs financial performance but an audit on a club’s social performance. We can all talk with passion about the great things our club does, and how important it is, but can we prove it? From measuring the number of volunteer hours, to the number of kids you train, to hours of community use of your facilities; it’s all worth knowing.

Why? Well for starters it will tell the board more about your club than you ever knew and help you review and plan for the future. It will also (hopefully) give everyone actively involved with the club a chance to stand back and feel proud of what the club does and the impact it has on the local community. Finally it allows you to talk to stakeholders like your local authority, funders and sponsors in a language they want to hear – robust, evidence based information on what your Club does (anyone who has ever filled out a funding application will know what I mean!). It’s a bit of work but it can really be worth it.

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